The sky is only as far as you can see interrogates the hidden relationship

between the temporality of the landscape and the camera. For this exhibition, Kiri aims to consider time

and space as physical objects that exist within the photograph which are recognised through the display

and viewership of the image.

The sky is only as far as you can see was produced in rural northeastern Montana; a location of extreme

isolation. This location was chosen for its unique lack of structures and landmarks. In it’s desolation, the

self becomes disoriented in the vastness of space. Vistas of prairies and badlands seem endless and the

direct visual presence of deep time in the landscape exacerbates the disorientation. In order to capture

this feeling, Kiri’s work forces viewers to physically interact with the displayed images and places the

body into the scale of the images and video installations

Throughout, the role of looking and experiencing the image is integral and

the work considershow we frame our perception of space in the landscape as a tool for display. Printed

work forces viewers to move in and out to see details, to sweep their vision from floor to ceiling, and to

look beyond what is ahead to see new elements appear.

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