Lines of Sight (2019)

Lines of Sight  explores the connection to site-specific stories and location through the fashioned body. The project follows five leylines that I mapped out in North Yorkshire. As the leyline, by definition, connects sacred spaces such as stone circles, round barrows, monoliths and religious sites on a straight path – these locations become rich in oral histories and mythologies. This project attempts to tell each of these stories in a fashion context and combines both fashion imagery and landscape photography of each location.

I really wanted to use this project in an attempt to outline a way in which locations and folklore were not being exploited for an editorial but instead being celebrated. Lines of Sight is a project that attempts to work with land and stories in an ethical and sustainable way. To do this I worked with teams exclusively from Yorkshire, collaborating with both young and established designers, models, and hair and makeup from the region. I also met with storytellers, historians, and enthusiasts interested in folklore from the region to listen to their personal versions of the stories and in turn create imagery that feels authentic and true to itself.