2:08 Rotating

98 still images projected onto 7 frames on the floor


2:08 Rotating projects a series of 98 images onto angled boards that create a circle on the ground. The viewer is asked to stand in the centre of these boards and look down as the image alternates from board to board, showing image by image, a 360o view in a landscape. As the image changes from board to board, the viewer is asked to chase the image, and thus spins with the 360o image. The rotating happens 14 times, and through each rotation, there is a revolution of time in the 360o view; the clouds move and the wind changes direction in the prairie grass, marrying the movement and temporality of the landscape in the gallery space.

This artwork aims to dizzy the viewer by having to rotate with the image on the floor (forcing the viewer to change their focus point to below the rooms horizon line, increasing this effect). There is also a lack of unity, as there is enough space between each board to destabilise the viewing experience. The chosen landscape for this piece is also uniquely lacking any extreme visuality, a slight range of hills appear, an unending fence line, and fields with vast horizon feel infinite. In the rotating of the work, the eye is never stable, neither in the gallery nor in the images. In these skewing of vision, the place becomes defined by the time of objects passing, that feels almost unseen as the speed at which the images rotate is never long enough to fixate the gaze and fully interpret the image. In the 2 minutes and 8 seconds of the spinning, these locations change, but this change is not felt in the image display, transposing the disorienting feeling of vast time as working intently within the definition of the ‘wrong place.’